Bulldog Rules for Business

# 1   – Have the right reason for getting into business
# 2   – Have the money to get into business and stay in business
# 3   – All businesses are a people businesses
# 4   – The right people never want to work with the wrong people
# 5   – Train and then keep training your employees
# 6   – Reward the right actions by your employees
# 7   – Plan for small wins daily
# 8   – Dream about where your business can go and then make it happen
# 9   – Re-examine your business often
# 10 – You may not be the right person for the job
# 11 – Leave the emotion out of your business (most of the time)
# 12 – Not every person who enters your store is a customer

Copyright Business Bulldog, LLC. 2016. These rules are the property of Business Bulldog, Inc. No reproduction of this copy may be used without written consent of Business Bulldog, Inc.  All inquiries may be sent to CEO@BusinessBulldog.com. 

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