Let’s Break Stuff

Image courtesy of renjith krishnan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Breaking Your Business


I like to take businesses apart and rework them. I like to take different businesses and mash them together. I am not the CEO of these businesses but I do work with them to get them to think bigger than what they currently have. It is part of a workshop I have to get them to grow through using their best technology – their brains!

The first part of the workshop is where I break off a part of their business and make them find ways to continue to work and earn profits. It is a struggle for them and it is the number one best way for them to find out who is a problem-solver and who is an anchor holding them back. For example, I remove their entire marketing campaign for the year and the budget. Now, I tell them not to  lose customers and to find ways to earn more customers. Ah, the fun begins.

Taking away parts of a business shines a light on the rest. For example, without a marketing department, you have to make the operations department work harder. Can they work harder? What would they need to keep and earn more customers? Do they have the training and tools to maintain and grow your business? OK, now write it down so everyone can see it. Writing it down and posting it make leaders cringe. That makes me smile because we are getting to the root of a problem. Comfort make owners lazy.

Would you be willing to remove part of your business to help what’s left of it to grow?I don’t like the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” way of thinking. Something always breaks and not being prepared is a stupid business strategy for saving money.

Remember, this is just the first part of my workshop. Ties get loosened and the suit coats come off when we get to this point. Breaking things is uncomfortable. When you lose your comfort zone, you gain clarity.

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